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PlayStore problem

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Hello guys, i have a problem. I really want to play this fantastic game, but i can't download it because it says that is not available in my country, but my brother can download, and he is from the same country. (We are from Serbia). He is using iPhone 6, and I am using Xiaomi Redmi 5A. Please, how can i download game?

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Hi, thanks for reporting this. As you are on the Xiaomi Redmi 5A, which is a Chinese-made device, it could be happening because its not available on that specific model of phone. We can only recommend that you try to play on a different phone, or you can try and play the game on PC (it is available on Steam and Facebook Gameroom).


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The game is available in Serbia and is compatible with Xiaomi devices providing you are using the Google Play Store to search and download the app.

Xiaomi phones in the UK will, generally, come with the international ROM which in my experience comes preloaded with Google Applications available. While I can't confirm the same for Serbia, since you are outside of China I would imagine this is the case.

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I gonna speak on our native language ( Serbian 😉

coz it’s lot easier for me to explain him better what to do !!! Don’t edit this 😝 

@Casper brat imas na guglu brdo stvari kako da koristis njihov store. Take reci guglaj na engleskom sta da radis I bice ti od koristi! Usvakom slucaju imas uvek crne sajtove za skidanje aplikacija pronadji nije tesko! Anyway nice to know that some more guys from my country play game !!! 

Ja sam doduse na iPhone I u nemackom Store tako da nemam previse problema! 

Hope I help you little m8 ! Cheers 🤞🏻🏻🤘🏻

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