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Qouple of questions

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Why is the first season a too easy, and the second is too hard?

Why do not attackers score goals? For example, Messi and Ronaldo does not score more than 25-30 goals.

Why do defenders not take part in goals? Like in a real life where the fullbacks give 8-10 assists.

Why do weak teams come to the UCL final and win it, and the strong ones fall out in the group stage?


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I don't think the game works the same for everyone, it probably depends on what team you choose and the tactics that you use :)

I've restarted the game 3 times so far (always did 3 seasons or more each time) and I've always picked the same team, the first season it's the hardest one for me, my team is very weak, some of the best players are loaned out and I have very little money to spend in new players :P

My attackers score enough goals.

My defenders make enough assistances and they also score goals.

I've seen some strange results, but that's probably due to the game algorithm and sheer luck :D I've tried to play with a weaker GK (56) once and I've regretted it dearly, but it doesn't means that sometimes with a lot of luck I couldn't win games against very strong teams.

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Thank you for your response 😊. Can you write me some of the tactics you use? My defenders do not take part in the goals and attackers do not score goals. For example, Jordi Alba has only 1 assist, in real life he has 15 assists. Messi has 30 goals, in real life he has 45+ goals...

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My favourite tactic is the 4-2-3-1B, with my FC set for the finisher role (which is his favourite role),

In the general tactics I'm using a "narrow" width, "very attacking" mentality, "fast" tempo and "adventurous" creativity,

In attack I'm using a "mixed" passing, "down both flanks" attacking style, "work ball into the box" for forwards, "play early crosses" for wingers and "mixed" for midfielders.

In defence I use an "all over" pressing, a "normal" tackling style and a "very deep" back line.

Also whenever I see that the players stats during the game are going down I try to reorganize them just a bit, so I change the position of the DMCs or the DCs, I try to do this only twice for each period. Another trick that I use to try a quick goal is to set the fullbacks into wingbacks on the beginning and/or after the break of the match, but only for a brief period (10-20 mins game time) to try to catch the other team off-guard, this works better if you have a down both flanks attacking style. I also change the attacking style during the game to "trough the middle", but when I do that I also change the wingers behaviour to a "mixed" style.

Of course some of these settings will not work so well for a different tactic (like 4-2-3-1A or 4-1-3-2) and I always try to use tactics where I can use my stronger players in their favourite roles. I also use two line-ups that I rotate between games so I can have my players always with 100% condition, and I always try to have them with a excellent moral.

I hope this can help you :).

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