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How do I sign players with a few months left on their contracts for free?

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Hey, I've been playing the game for a while now and I've discovered that players's contracts expire. So I was thinking maybe I can sign them on freebies before they expire, like in real life. Is there a maximum amount of months I have to wait to sign them? Can I only get them on the free market? I would really love to know how. Thank you.

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In the "Transfers" menu you have the option "Free Agents", all players without a contract will show there. I normally do a search for players with less than 3 months contract when a transfer window is near so that I can mark them in my short list, this way the game will warn me if they go into the "Free Agent" list :).

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Currently you cannot agree pre-contracts when players have 6 months left on their contracts. As @errguro says you can track the player's whose contracts will expire by searching with the Contract filter on. 

Just to add a note that clubs are likely to reduce the value they will accept for a transfer fee as the contract length reduces which might save you missing out should the club renew the players contract before it expires.


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