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Though the game is very good and in some ways very real, here are some bugs and glitches you guys could try to improve:
- Though on the NPC teams the suspended players (by red card) stay out of the team for 1 game on the player-controlled team this doesn't happens, the suspension is lifted on the day of the game.
- No limit of yellow cards between games, I think this is a mandatory rule on every league and it should also be implemented in the game. The same goes for the increasing of penalties with recurrent suspensions.
- Attackers still miss goals by passing the ball when they are over the goal line and with no goalkeeper or defenders near them.
- When defending a corner all defenders (specially DCs) should be in the penalty area, and not in the centre circle.
- Training is really very ineffective, it's very hard to take advantage from it, the only way I have to work around this issue is to force a reroll of the results whenever they are too negative or without a real gain.
- Young players raise their stats very slowly, also the improvement of the players stats in general is not uniform, and seems to have no relation to game usage or training, but it occurs on a very random way. This makes the youth academy completely useless, and the prediction of the evolution of a particular player almost impossible, limiting our options of team evolution to a increasing smaller and weaker market, after most of the existent star players retire.

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Same ere get a red card but my player never gets suspended..... Shall I just not play him or will I get in trouble lmao....AND also scout and coach reports don't always work so you have to rescout them, very frustrating, PLEASE FUX THE ISSUES! I LoVe this game and do not what to be put off with left silly little minors because this is a good a very realistic football manager game be a real shame to spoil it due to no fixes... And I'm sure plenty more users and fans would agree... Thank you and please fix

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