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Guys, I'm retiring spiritually! It is not my habit to complain about the game, but now it just doesn't make sense.

What's the point of all those trophies? Practically those who play more automatically have more trophies, since if one loses, the trophies remain the same (it is not an attack on Meezi, which I consider a great Top Player and not even to other great players who have made records in recent weeks.) . We organize ourselves, in the same league, to enter 4 in the same tournament, win once each, and increase the general trophies.

Classic Games:
You play only against Bots or low level players who have trophies augmented by these ridiculous tournaments.

What is the purpose of playing now ??? Do we have to show who has the most trained finger? Making game records without eating or sleeping?

Maybe it's me who lost the grit I had for 18 months, but I'm certainly not the only one.

See you later!

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Revert game back before manager cards update!!! 

So many players stop to play !!!

game is unplayable at moment!!! 

Before we have one day in season whit lagg

now all day lagg games !!!

only what I ask is REVERT GAME !!!

we don’t have against to play anymore 😔 

every game arena, friendly or turnos are unplayable!!! This come from guy who have fiber internet , and my ping go around 0 to 6 maximum 10! It’s not possible that only this game stuck and lags for me I play lot others online game, and only suffers whit FC, and I am not only one, somethings is not good ! 

Maybe your servers or idk what can be , only I want is REVERT GAME BACK !!! 


we all know and can see that your priorities are SM now but what is whit as who like to play FC???

its not normal to play game when you can’t move your players, pass ball, cannot finds space can’t shoot , game lagg picture frozen when I take shots and ball go directly to keeper to save!!! It’s not interesting to trying to play game , you cannot play normal how you know to play coz all this bags ! 

All this start when you developers decide to put manager cards boost...

please lisen our voice for 1st time ! 

We need reverted game !!!

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2 hours ago, Fuera de juego said:

Considering the expansion of the game by Asia, you could create a tournament between the best leagues from one side and another. It would be like NBA's play off or Intercontinental Championship.

They can’t even do one side of it, Fuera. If we do 2 sides, the game will explode. 

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