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Stamina problem


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I am managing Juventus. Now, after a match, all my stikers were at 83% stamina with 6 days for the next match.

Bernardeschi (24 years old) on match day reached 94, Dybala(26) reached 92 and Ronaldo (33) reached 90% fitness. My point is if a player is old, doesn't mean he will recover slowly as we see in the real life. and Ronaldo has much more (90+) stamina rating than the other 2.

Second , can we change the ages of players? how?

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On 5/5/2019 at 9:38 AM, paper lamp said:

we cannot change player'age.When a player aged,his stamina will recover slower.

A player's stamina become higher ,his stamina will consume  slower in a match.

(just my own opinion)

This is pretty much correct. Older players will get tired more quickly, and recover more slowly. Stamina stats also play a part.

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