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The miracle at Stamford bridge!

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In the middle of 21/22 season,I transfered from real Madrid to Chelsea.

Unfortunatly,i encounter real Madrid in the champions league quarter-finals.

I lost the first round.Screenshot_20190512-134243.thumb.jpg.8913f912bcbc293b6363ee30680fe8d5.jpg

Then I gave it my all in the second round.

I directed all the players to press forwardScreenshot_20190512-133240.thumb.jpg.f6e6b7c964a2a59e6ae328891e0cc7b0.jpg

In the end, Ben Yedder accomplished the final hit!!!It's too crazy!!Screenshot_20190512-133257.thumb.jpg.9d9637328705db484b3491ea0e6da17f.jpgScreenshot_20190512-133317.thumb.jpg.2911772419e410343a70356aa5750a9c.jpgScreenshot_20190512-133319.thumb.jpg.fe930717633828a6569bde3f5e218cca.jpgScreenshot_20190512-133250.thumb.jpg.d248ed0db67f6b6c792f1cd507abbe60.jpg

My goalkeeper REINA  has same property as Casillas!


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