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Progression Bug - Year 2023

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Thanks for letting us know. At least this confirms that the previous issue was resolved and you were able to continue.

Have you sent a report of this new occurrence via the in-game support system? 

If you have the affected game loaded and submit a new support query, a copy of your save file will be uploaded with the ticket so our support team can easily reproduce and resolve the problem.

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Habe eine neue Saison begonnen und habe jetzt das Problem das das an dem aktuellen Spieltag immer noch das Ergebnis vom Spiel davor steht. (siehe Bild) Das gleiche passiert auch am ersten Spieltag. Dort wird dann nur mein Spiel gewertet und die anderen spielen garnicht.


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Hi @Ceekay

We recommend that you report this through the in-game support. When a new bug report is submitted a copy of the save file is uploaded along with the report so our team can load the game and directly witness the issue. Please note in your report you have attached screenshots on the forum and I will flag this post up with the team so they know where to look.

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