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Undefeated Champions with low rep team


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I manage to win the League undefeated in 30 games total. My team is AE Larissa, a mediocre Greek team.

This is the fourth season of the game. I put all the Points in the academy and i had a lot of good players (values over 5.5 M) and also i had a fantastic super star! In one year of getting first team football he raised from 16.5 M / 77 attack, to 77 M / 88 attack ! And he is just 22 years old!



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I know this thread is a month old but encase anyone reads this and is a little more knowledgeable, i am curious as to how potential works with young talent. I started a new career with a conference team in the English tier of football, now in season 4 in the championship and all max'd out on youth squad tree but the best young player that has come through is only worth a mere 1.5mill at 19 after 2 seaons at the club and am training every week. or am i just releasing all my youth squad too early when they dont seem to have much potential (when they are worth like 200k at 18)?. 

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