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Some Feedback from an SM18 Player which changed from Android Version to PC Version

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I've already posted this on the Steam Group but idk. if the Posts there are gonna be watched or not so i decided to Join the Community here.



Hey Folks,

I'm playing SM18 now for some Months (When the Alpha Version for Android came out and they had a totally different Match Screen) and are already a bit experienced in this Game. I've got some Feedback for the Dev's hopefully they are reading this:

1.) Opponents aren't changing tactics or substitute Players, it would be more realistic if they substitute Players and even change Tatics. I mean which Team plays still totally offensive if they are 3:0 in the back? Or play's defensive if my Teams just leads 1:0...

2.) I'm really happy that Opponents are Transfering Players unless at the Android Version, i saw a lot of Transfers on the PC Version but: for example Pepe changed the Team from Besiktas to Galatasaray for 71 Million? tbh. Galata wouldn't even pay 40 Mio for Pepe in Real ?!..

3.) The AI is really easy at most moments, i mean i was leading the whole Turkish League with Alanyaspor & was getting the Cup too...

4.) The Financial Helps at Level Ups are too high in my opinion, i am actually playing with Austria Wien and just getted 720k plus at reaching Level 2, means some more Wins and i could buy the whole Austrian League All Stars in one Season, maybe also cut the financials here... The Starting Financials are totally okay (like 1.65 Mio at Austria) but reaching Level 2 already brought so much money.. 

5.) Please add an way to go to the whole Player Profile trough the Tactics Screen, it's really annoying if you are setting the Tactics like Free Kicks and Penaltys but have to change to the Team Screen everytime just to check the Stats of the Player.

So far these is my Feedback, i really like the Game but please do something more to the realistic facts of the Game.


Posted this yesterday, now i have 1 Season played and won the Championship in Austria with Austria Wien so i could improve my meanings and i also found some Bugs:

To 2.) I mean 4 Million not 40 Million, this Transfer is just senseless, also had another such an Transfer : Daniele De Rossi went for 53 Mio to Juventus.... Please fix these amounts...
Also found another "Bug" at this Transfersection, i have to Pay alot of more percentage for the most Players but if i reject the bids of Players i wanna sell and raise the offer, all the teams just keep dropping the deal.

To 3.) The First Season was just such an easy thing to Win, the Second Season just seems to get harder, don't really know why, cuz' i put my Roster on a totally another Level & improved it so much.

To 4.) I think i have to take this arguement back, cuz' at Austria Wien the Financial Helps arent really too much, they are fine.


So new Feedback by me:

1.) Sometimes their are big bugs at the Training, see Screenshot, the same Player get's evolved again, and again and again. Also expected this on the Mobile Version, so please fix this.


Best Regards,



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