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A few more ideas

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1.It would not be bad if you could choose the players who go to the corner near the opponents' goal (respectively, you need to choose their number, and the game will automatically select the highest (excluding the goalkeeper and the corner player). If you choose 10, then go which is useful in the last minutes when you lose with a minimum margin, but there can be a counterattack.
2. Make it so that you can choose with whom you play in friendly matches, and that they have been since June. You can choose not your country for fees (Austria, for example), but the game will generate clubs that also decided to gather there (not necessarily Austrian). That is, you choose your dates and clubs.
3. You can transfer games. It will be especially useful for the last friendly match and the super bowl of the country in version 19 of the year.
4. The possibility that the players on some games would be inaccessible, for example because of the games in the national teams. Euro, friendlies, selections, etc. Ideally, the opportunity to choose coaching between the club and the national team, but this is not possible?

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