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Penalty Shootout & One vs one ( 1 vs 1 )

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All the conclusion i have come with are tested with a top class team, so all the players are good examples for testing and results.

1) One vs one ( 1 vs 1 )

When your attacker is on one vs one situation ( against only the GK) then at 95% the GK will block the shoot. (100% block if shoot is taken from the penalty spot area, anywhere from within the big box)

The only time that the FW will score, in a one vs one situation, is if he shoots from within the small box or if the keeper looses the ball and the FW strike again from rebound.

2) Penalty Shots / Penalty Shootout

The GKs are useless during penalties. End of story! They can't catch anything! The only thing that matters into a penalty shoot is the player miss.

For example.... (this happened to many many games that my team went to penalty shootout situations) :

The first team will shoot ALL the penalties in the middle area, and will score in 100% of the shoots (as many as they might need to shoot).

The second team will shoot ALL the penalties in the two corners of the goal and will eventually lose one penalty and lose the shootout.

I repeat that the GKs are useless during a penalty shot (will not stop anything, even if the shot goes directly to them)


These are the 2 things that affect the game-play on a big factor and i think the developers must take care of them.

Please share your own experiences regarding game-play so we can make this a better game!


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