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Transfer Bug

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Hi,I think I found a bug on Soccer Manager 2019.Sometimes I put players on transfer list.Some days before the transfer window close I saw a message on my inbox that a team place a bid for a player and that this bid have been withdrawed because I haven't answered.I searched to my inbox but there is no message that tell me I have a new bid.Sorry for some grammar mistakes because I am not from US or UK.

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I have some ideas what could cause this, but can't know for sure like an external person for the dev team: 

1. There is a limit for only 2 ingame messages per day with transfer offers, but the teams could make more offers. That way some days the offers are 3 but we can't see the third in the mail.

2. For unknown reason sometimes the game message system fails to produce message for incoming bid and the system didn't try it twice /if she tried it, it could cause other bugs when she succeed in the both times - even unlimited amount of similar messages like the bug when some events during playing a league or other type of game will appear more than once in the overview tab/, so after some time you are too late with the answer and you are seeing the second message. This will explain some cases of a lot of days without bid /even if I am playing really screwed saved game and the only players for sell in the copy are mine and the AI's are full with money - this is my actual situation, btw/  

3. There is some limit for bids per day /I didn't saw more than 2 bid per day even when I am selling a lot of players and I guess there could be something like this because of cheaters or who knows what reason/, but the computer someway succeed to make 3 bids in some days. The third bid then isn't shown because of the limit, who finally worked.

It could be even something else - those were just options when there is actually an unanswered bid, but it could be fake message and those bids not to exist actually. When you don't have information, the imagination is enormous source of ideas, because like in my case I can't prove or disprove any. :(

I hope the devs will solve this bug some day. I am sure they are professionalists and good in the game developing. If they weren't good in this, we wasn't going to have this nice game.

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