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When can i try BETA SM20 version


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2 hours ago, Dominik21 said:

For how long do we have to wait until next phase of beta testers come out...I would love to try new SM20 asap honestly...And im sure there are loads of lads waiting same like me.

maybe you'll finally start reading various
publications on the blog or here on the 
forum about the second phase, etc.?


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16 hours ago, d3ka said:

it was mentioned in several posts that 
phase 1 will last for 2 weeks until August 14


"We will be increasing the number of invites we send out as we confirm that the the app stability is sufficient and progression is not greatly restricted."

At present the is a bug that can affect saves at the start of season 2 which requires a new game to be started.  There won't be phase 2 until that is fixed as that bug is restricting progress. 



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