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NK Osijek update (Message to all dev team)


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First things first , i know that there are not  people playing this club . But to be honest the reason why i downloaded this game was just because i saw NK Osijek... there are is no game that has that ability with all face pictures , logo of the club and rest...Soo i decided to try my best and to try give my suggestion for this years game ... I would LOVE to see these thing that i added in a photos that most of them come at final game , The reason why i did this is also because we are still im BETA version...

- So i added these things as my suggestion for NK Osijek.

•New transfers

•New updated faces

•new starting 11 players 

•New reserves

•players that are out in a team



-Thank you for reading this suggestion and i would love to see these thing added in SM20 

-To all of DEV TEAM , i can give you in inbox each picture of png for pictures players , if you liked these suggestions and if you would like to add these things

•It tookt me over +4 Hours to make pictures , research and rest...

•And I call all players to try to make same thing as i did 🙂






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