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The Challenge: To 5th division to Champions winner!


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Hi all,

My name is Juan Antonio, and I am a spanish SM player!

I want to share with us how I got to make real this great challenge.

I had played another game, where I had winned some competitions (two Champions League with Man.United and Southampton, an European League with Palermo, and some national leagues and cups). 

So, I wanted to do a real, complicated new challege: to do a career from an England 5th division team!!

So, in this post, I go to share my experience.

Come on guys!

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Chapter 0: The team

I choose Barnet FC (The Bees) Its orange color caught my attention😁

It was a 2 stars team.Screenshot_20191009_131456_1_com.soccermanagerltd.soccermanager2019.thumb.jpg.84643e24d4e2402b7bd8e920e403898c.jpg

Barnet plays in a small stadium, called The Hive (5000 people) 


And the finances were...😤 -37k €!!


It was going to be a hard start!!

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Chapter 0.1: My rules

I decided to make some rules for myself:

-Don't use coins for buy players (only for training, equipments and similar).

-Only use real players (I fired all youth players from my team).

-Don't repeat matches.

-Don't use real money for buy things (I only bought the VIP user to remove ads).

-Since Barnet didn't have money, contract always free agents.

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Chapter 0.2: The team

I choose Barnet FC (The Bees) Its orange color caught my attention😁


It was a 2 stars team.Screenshot_20191009_131456_1_com.soccermanagerltd.soccermanager2019.thumb.jpg.eab0d81556da645bc604a36de6cb2923.jpg

Barnet plays in a small stadium, called The Hive (5000 people) 


And the finances were...😤 -37k €!!Screenshot_20191009_131556_com.soccermanagerltd.soccermanager2019.thumb.jpg.96d0b3f5e1470583c3bef33db463146a.jpg

It was going to be a hard start!


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The first year: 5th division

I hired some free players from Barnet. 

I hired a very poor, but very fast central defence (Extabeguren). In January, I hired Bunjaku (my favourite player from my Barnet!!!) and Nuñez (a good stricker!!)

Barnet winned 5th division with 108 points, and 123 goals!!



Senic was top league assistant, and my goal man. Bunjaku and Nuñez had very good scores, too (for half season).


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Second year: 4th division. No money for Barnet 😂

Barnet didn't have money again, so I couldn't buy new players, but a young greece striker called Doukivas. Anyway, Nuñez, Senic, Bunjaku and him took responsabilities!! Each player scored more than 20 goals in this season! (Douvikas in only 21 matches).


Finally, Barnet winned League with 118 points, and 159 goals.


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General: tactics and players.

I use a strange, but very useful tactic (4-2-4). I used it with Betis, Man.United, Palermo, Southampton and San Juan (Argentian team). This tactic worked properly for each team. Currently, I'm using in SM20 Beta, and it work, too!

I use a very advanced defence, and my team is always pressing, so I need very fast players in all positions. I have always higher possesions in all matches, including greatest european teams.

Since Barnet is a very poor team, I was always searching for free players, with hight speed.

I didn't use academy players, and I was using young (low average) players and old (but better) players. 

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3rd division: El Azzouzi year!

This free player was the best player of season. I used him like forward and striker. He was MVP for 7 matches, scored 25 goals and did 15 assists. As in the previous season, 4 Barnet players scored more than 20 goals.Screenshot_20190725_175740_com.soccermanagerltd.soccermanager2019.thumb.jpg.b5a35de4e9295f857306994a601b1af0.jpg

Bunjaku was amazing like midfield again, and Barnet had two young forwards, Douvikas and Jovanovic (a free, taller and fast serbian player). I hired a great winger, Ould-Chick (23 assistances).

Burnet won league again, with 121 points and 153 goals.Screenshot_20190725_175304_com.soccermanagerltd.soccermanager2019.thumb.jpg.2755202e5b1301cc254b8bad7b4df1e9.jpg

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2nd division: The hard Fulham!!

Whe I reached second division, Fulham and Cardiff was there!!

I got two good defences, Di Lorenzo and Hermes, but I had to keep lower players. Most of our players was 50-55 average. We had yet players of 5th division!!!

The whole budget was for salaries. This was my team:


My young Jovanovic and Azzouzi were the best team players again!! They were less than 60 average, but they scored goals and made assistances!!

Screenshot_20190805_183503_com.soccermanagerltd.soccermanager2019.thumb.jpg.0c0f9405dded963e10a0cb5281560717.jpgWith players like Carvalho, Mitrovic, or Kean in this league, Azzouzi was MVP.

Screenshot_20190805_183318_com.soccermanagerltd.soccermanager2019.thumb.jpg.42ab50867b3f261e8e902a407c441eb4.jpgBarnet finally won league, drawing with Fulham! This seasson was very excited.



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1st Division: Beginning squad

I get some medium players during season, when the team had money.  Two wingers: Schaub (70) and Esgaio (68), two midfields Valzania(66) and Duelund (66) and some defences Tasci (59), Jara(65), Bryan (66) and Yamberé (62).

Jovanonic and Nuñez had developed to 60 average, but we didn't have a star player. 

So, I thought this was going to be an awful season 😓 , but...

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Premier division: Epic moments!!

... Magically, Barnet started wining matches against the greatest Premier teams!!!

It started with 1-4 against Man.City. Jovanovic (3 goals) looked like Messi 🤣Screenshot_20190813_053042_com.soccermanagerltd.soccermanager2019.thumb.jpg.9e6522afffe47d309bc039191a13cbba.jpg

After this match, Chelsea, Man.United, Tottenham, Arsenal... Barnet won all these matches. Always with higher ball possesion and a lot of shots, like a Dream Team!!


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Premier division: The good transfers

Finally, Barnet got enough money for salaries of our best new players:

-Mayoral (75): He played 17 matches. I used him like winger and centre forward, with some significant goals and assistences.Screenshot_20190813_112914_com.soccermanagerltd.soccermanager2019.thumb.jpg.f1ad476e4026d84e578d375c0685f70e.jpg

-Ceballos (76): Played 18 matches, with some goals and assistances.

-Maupay (68): This year wasn't his year. 0 goals.

-Carlos Fernández (72): A very good stricker. Young, taller and faster player. 6 goals in last 5 matches. Best player twice. He helped to got the championship, with a significant goal against Liverpool.


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Premier division: The dream comes true!!

And finally, Barnet won the competition!!! 91 points with only 90 goals. Man.City was our hardest opponent.

Screenshot_20190814_001614_com.soccermanagerltd.soccermanager2019.thumb.jpg.7f300415d52ea8304921497d4685a837.jpgThis was the final squad:


Again, Jovanovic scored and scored goals, in first half of league.


Jovanovic was the Premier MVP, with 10 best player award, and only 60 average points.


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Premier division: 2nd season, transfers.

For our second season, Barnet hired new good players. We hadn't enough money, so we need to choose between hiring Alli or several good and medium players. Finally, we forgot Alli, and we hired the next players:

-Good players:  Santos(73) and the "beast" Kongolo (79). Waldschmidt (72) to forward (no so good season) , Fornals(75) (a perfect assistant) to midfielder. And finally, Simon (70)!! (He was reserve player most matches, but he got 17 goals).

-Reserve players: Doucouré (66) with good scores, the old reserve player Nordveit (62), Kahveci (68),and Soldano (66). 

In second half season, we hired Alli (92) from free agent, but he did a not very good season.

But our best transfer was...Maupay. He did a bad first season, but this second season was very good. He was reserve player most matches, but he get 15 goals in second half times.


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Premier Division: Community Shield and FA Cup

The bees started very good, winning the Community Shield for first time against Liverpool, in Wembley Stadium.

Barnet won 1-0 with a Soldano goal, in a not very easy match. Liverpool was always a hard opponent, even when I managed Man.United or Southampton.


I used to use reserve players in cups, so Barnet had never reached a cup final. But this year, it happened. 

An historic match against Manc.City, in Wembley Stadium. 

It was a very hard match, when Barnet had the ball possesion and more shots. But the match finished 0-0. In extra time, Man. City scored two goals. We tried to react, but it was impossible 😔Screenshot_20190904_135958_com.soccermanagerltd.soccermanager2019.thumb.jpg.2de94f514a6f4ec901cd1f46f7638c3d.jpg

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Premier League: An irregular season

We made the mistake of using too many reserve players, and drew 9 matches. Man.City was amazing, and won the Premier. We finished in 2nd place, with 87 points and 87 goals scored. But, Barnet didn't lose in our Stadium, the Hive!!Screenshot_20190905_083525_com.soccermanagerltd.soccermanager2019.thumb.jpg.a762303017044d8966c567bb2d47fc80.jpg

Anyway, we had some good matches against greatest opponents:


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Champions: Road to Final

Barnet was located in Group C, with Real Madrid, Rapid Wien and Kyiv. 

We won RM 4-1, with only 5000 fans in The Hive Stadium😂 Mayoral revenged Madrid with 2 goals and 1 assistence.  


Instead, RM won our second game.

Barnet ranked first in group:



Round of 16: We drew the first march against Ajax 1-1. In second match, Mayoral made his best again, with two goals and 1 assistence.


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Champions: Epic rounds

Later, Barnet had two hard rounds. 

Quarterfinals: Barnet drew 1-1 and 0-0 against Atlético de Madrid. They have always been a very complicated opponent, when previously I managed Betis in Spanish League. 


Semi-final: This was my  most exciting round I played in SM19!! 

First match: 

For first time, we lost the ball possesion. So, Barcelona had the control of the match. However, they only scored 1 goal in a corner move. 

Screenshot_20190904_170049_com.soccermanagerltd.soccermanager2019.thumb.jpg.91a6d7fdf615dbbacdabb0c2a0841fa8.jpgWe arrived Camp Nou with little chance. 

Barça controlled ball possesion. Barnet was shooting more, but the goal didn't come. But, at min. 61, Simon went into the camp. Like our hero, he scored our goal at min.76. The miracle was true!!!!

We played extra time without goals, and we won the round in penalty kicks!! We were into Champions final!!!!



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Final Chapter: We are the Championss!!!!!!!

...And the opponent: Man.City again!!

We had won both league games against them, but they defeat us in FA CUP. So, we needed to get our revenge!!!

We played the final in Italy (San Siro). The first half game was very rough, and finished with 0-0. But in second half.... Schaub was amazing, and he scored 2 goals. We finally won 0-3!!Screenshot_20190905_083037_com.soccermanagerltd.soccermanager2019.thumb.jpg.b5a9a8b9229b42a7022c03106fb27e91.jpg

The dream came true!!! Barnet had reached Premier from 5th division, had won the Premier and Champions League!!

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Hi everybody, 

Some people are asking me for the tactics. Here they are:

4-2-4, with a modern keeper, two box-to-box midfielders, and two advanced playmakers in wings. Finally, I used to used two targer men, although I used two deep lying forward in some seasons. 


General: Thin widht and defensive mentality. 

Attack: forward work ball into box, and wingers make overlaping runs. 

Defence: pressing all over, and back line very high. 

What can you expect:

Since you press all over the field, your attack line is low, and your back line very high, your team will steal so many balls - - > you will have the ball possesion. 

Not only your strickers, but your wingers and (I don't know why) your left midfielder will make a lot of goals opportunities. 

Your back line is very high, so you will need faster defence players to destroy opponent counterattack. 

Another tips: I use always faster players. It's is very useful to steal balls, launch counterattacks and destroy rival attacks. For forwards, a taller player can be useful too. 

I used these tactics with Man. United, Betis, Palermo, Southampton, Barnet and San Juan (Argentina), sobai think is very good for all teams. I passed to SM20, so I'm checking tactics, too. 

I hope it can be of interest for you. Don't hesitate to make your questions if you need something!! 





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