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Can you be fired?

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I started a new save with Sunderland to see if it was possible to get fired, and in Season 1, the board wanted me to win the League 1 title, and to get to the final of the FA Cup. I played 48 games, lost 44 and drew 4. I also took us into steady debt, just to see what it would take to get fired. And the board approval just wouldn’t go down. It went down to about a tenth of the bar early on, and just wouldn’t go down any further. So, is it actually possible to be fired from a job. And what happens if you do?

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It is not possible to get sacked in SM20.

Being fired was possible in SM18, but the system was far from perfect, so it was removed in SM19 and has not made a return yet. Basically, if your approval got too low, you were fired and had to pick from a few jobs at worse clubs that the one that fired you.

We might look into adding it back in for SM21, maybe.


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