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Soccer Manager 2018 Out Now

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Hello I was playing the 2017 soccer manager game,Although I'm sure it was longer ago than that I spent money on the game and although i still have 2017 on my  facebook game list it won't let me join as it no longer supports it So i tryed to load it on FB gamesroom  and i still get the message no longer supports it please try gamesroom (which is what i am on) Is there any chance i can transfer my money tokens etc to 2018 game? Which by the way I'm really enjoying I love all the little extras you have added to the game. I really don't want to spend more money that i really need to so i can get players into the team and since already had a boad load of cash in my 2017 version under this email addy

Thank you

Screenshot-2018-3-17 Facebook.png

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Soccer Manager 2017 is no longer supported so cannot be played on any platform. We're really sorry but there is no way to transfer anything over between Soccer Manager 2017 and 2018,


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