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I'd like to express my dissatisfaction about the game being too unrealistic.First of all,transfers..players with tremendous class have joined mediocre clubs just because the team was offered good money,for example,Ozil moved from arsenal to West Ham because arsenal was offered 45m,also some players are overestimated and some underestimated when it comes to the price tags..Secondly,gameplay is way too easy,the league table image is from my 2nd season on PAOK,only draw was against olympiacos on an away match and as you can see my GD is +87,obviously my team is far superior but the 1st season was just as easy (2nd picture),somehow no one in the league is able to match me after a season,my players improved way too much through intense training and no one even got a chance to defeat me the entire season since every match usually ends with me scoring 3-6 goals and the opponents 0-1 max,I can't tell what you did wrong,next season i'll try one of the big leagues to see if same stuff happens there with lower level clubs being unable to touch me and me touching higher level ones,sm 2017 was far more realistic when it came to game results although the idea is good,you totally need to rebuild the thing that decides the final score.

Edit: Also you can gain money way too easily without the chairmain adding a lot of money in the club..maybe lower the weekly income and make chairmen give more money to the clubs.



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