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Can't buy bundle - Facebook error message

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Issue Summary: I got offered the £7.99 bundle for £0.99, I thought it was a good offer and £0.99 is affordable and acceptable for me to spend one off on a game like this, so I clicked buy, however I received an error message from Facebook.

The error message says:


Couldn't complete purchase: We didn't receive all the information we needed from this app to complete your purchase. You haven't been charged for this purchase, so please try again. If you keep seeing this error, contact the app developer.


Issue Details:

Countries selected at start: Scotland, England
Game Date(when issue was found): 26/03/18

Device details;

PC, Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit

Any Additional Information(What can we do to reproduce the issue?): Attempt to buy something in-game


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I'm having a similar issue. When I try to buy anything...nothing happens....no pop up not even the Facebook error. Nothing simply happens. Using Android tablet....do I have to link my acoounts? If so how do I do so?

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