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Revamp The Transfer system

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It has been exciting when waiting for release of SM20 and i expect a huge upgrade on the transfer system in SM20 but nothing has been change since sm18, sm19 and this...

Come on SM, you definitely can do better than this.. It's 2020 now.. After more than 2 years of improvements on the games but we as fans of SM still don't see any upgrades on the transfer system? The improvements on match and AI has been great but the transfer dealings definitely make this game less enjoyable..


1. add in cash + player exchange 

2. Release clause

3. Create simple conversations between player, agent, manager, seller club, buyer club & the board related to the transfer business to make transfer dealings more realistic

4. Add in transfer request for unhappy player ( something like in the SM game World)

5. Player contract renewals to make it more challenging.. add in release clause/ performance achievements based rewards / etc.

6. Preseason tour / winter break

7. Player relationship with manager, which is related to No.4 above

8. Board to adjust transfer budget based on match performances

9. Improve the youth academy!!! The chance of getting a youth superstar are so rare after fully upgraded!! Even if i getting a youth superstar, his development is so slow and potential rating not up to 90 compared to young free agents bought from the market!!

SM is already good, but still can be a lot better!! Feel free to add in anythings you want to see in SM21 22 23.......

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