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Forest Green: Rise to a Vegan-won Champions League


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Hi there,

I have been doing a road-to-glory with Forest Green and I thought i would share the story here I am currently starting my 7th season and an update will come at the end of that                                                                                                                                                               


At the start of the save I decided to implement a transfer philosophy of signing free agent youth talent (it works!)

I struggled with signing amazing talent due a lack of money  - the board only invested around 250k - but managed to make some signings who had the potential to go on to become long-term players for the club, such as Andy Collins

The board expected us to finish 18th in league but I expected more and hoped for a push into the playoffs

The league got underway and we had abysmal form and after 7 games our record stood at W1 D1 L5 - it looked likely to be a long time until I could even imagine winning promotion into the Premier League, nevermind League One. We had also had a rather dissapointing League Cup performance after losing at the first time of asking against Bradford City 4-3.

However it was at this time where I came across a good tactic after watching our performance against MK Dons - I decided to trial a Defensive 4-3-3A. This tactic turned out to be a life-saver and by Christmas I could taste the playoffs. However our cup performance didn't improve and we lost 3-1 to Wimbledon

By March we were looking comfortable in the play-offs but automatic promotion was out of our reach. We finished the season comfortably in 6th and then had to endure the grueling playoffs.

We managed to scrape our way into the final where a great performance saw us beat Oldham 2-0 to secure our place in League One along with Bradford, Scunthorpe and Mansfield


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Now, in this season I noticed something which would become a re-occuring theme - the board expected us to win the league...

If you have any common-sense at all you would understand that that's a ridiculous idea and would only happen if I had money off them (I didn't)

In this season I just tried to secure some older, more-experienced signings to help carry us up the leagues and balance out the youth-prospects with some tried and tested old men.

At the start of the season we got off to a decent start and were in a play-off spot after 5 games - however, after having slightly more luck in the league cup and falling at the second hurdle against Lincoln, 3-0 we began to fall off a bit and after 15 games were 10 points away from the playoffs

By Christmas things were just as bleak although we did manage to beat Championship, play-off hopefuls - Sheffield Wednesday in the FA Cup 2nd round but unfortunately had a tough draw with Brighton and the seagull's beat us 3-0, we were still around 8 points off the play-offs.

By the end of the season we fell-off the pace a bit and finished 11th

Now some of you might think this is cheating but after doing some other saves I had saved up some SM Coins and had a shortlist of players who were the best value and I looked to sign them for the next season (they really made a difference)

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I managed to save up enough money to support the wages of 3 of these players I was looking into and signed them.

I had signed Wayne Rooney (70) from Stoke, Steve Mandanda (70) a goalkeeper from Marseille and Christian Fuchs (66) from Leicester. These signings turned out to be a massive factor of one of the most successful but also dissapionting seasons of the save

 We managed to keep slowly through the League cup and even managed to beat Premier League Huddersfield 1-0 in the second round (they were bottom and had 0 points but it still counts...) however Newcastle ruined out glory for us in the third round and we lost 3-1. In the league things had got off to a good start and we were top of the league after 10 games

Now, in January we made some very good future signings in the shapes of Jordan Ayling, a 19 year-old british midfielder who was rated 64 and Mario Puga, a 18-year-old Mexican Right-back who was rated 59. A this point we had dropped out of the automatic promotion places to Ipswich and Sunderland but we were only a couple points behind them and still with a shot at winning our first trophy.

In February we were still 3rd so I made a signing in the shape of Juan Martinéz, a 19-Year-old Paraguayan defender. At the time he was a great signing and he did make a good impact to the squad, but I underestimated the financial impact of him.

By the end of the season we had unfortunately finished 3rd and had to experience the play-offs again but that wasn't the worst part of the season - we had -£2,000,000 in Rotherham 3-2 in the playoff final and got into the Championship - we we're so close to the Premier League.

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At the start of this season I found Alec Georgen, a 23-year-old French leftback (who would go on to have an even more impressive story than us) he was around 70 rated and really helped us in the season

Sadly, despite having the majority of our starting 11 over 70 rated, fortunes never change and we lost in the League cup 3rd round 1-0 to Huddersfield who finally got their revenge and knocked us out of the competition. We seemed to have the same fortunes as our very first season in the save and were in the relegation zone after 8 or 9 games, however tactical changes are amazing and changed our fortunes for the better.

By Christmas we were in the running for the play-offs and were having great success in the FA Cup, sadly it didn't last forever and Everton knocked us out of that in the Quarter-finals 5-2 after we initially took the lead.

Getting towards the end of the season, our fortunes had become clear and we secured a playoff spot by finishing 5th and we had the chance of propelling Nailsworth to be not only the smallest place represented by a football league club, but also a premier league one.

We had made it to the final and had to face Cardiff who had the same fortunes we had last season - but even worth. They missed out on promotion on goal-difference and were most certainly favorites to win the playoffs.

But underdogs always do something special...

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Somehow Forest Green Rovers had become a Premier League team, and I hoped to follow in the likes of Burnley, Wolves and probably Sheffield United, and suprisingly make it into Europe.

By now our youth talent had improved and the ex-superstars had all retired by now (but they wouldn't have made it into the team anyways) we had Jordan Ayling at 86 rated along with Max Ingram and Alec Georgen. We had a lot more success in the League cup but lost to Spurs 3-2 in the 4th round. After 6 games we were in a champions league spot! but I knew not to get my hopes up...

By Christmas we settled down from the giddying heights of 4th and were in a more realistic 10th. We were a bit dissapointing in the FA Cup and lost to Wolves 2-1 in the 4th round.

Now it was at this point when got an offer, that sadly, I couldn't refuse. Trabzonspor had offered us £72,000,000 for the 86 rated Jordan Ayling which I had to accept. The money from this transfer allowed us to finally upgrade The New Lawn to around 10,000 seats with one 8,000 seater stand, if you could name stands in this (please add that in) then it would most certainly be The Jordan Ayling Stand

It was the last game of the season - we were in 8th place, the League cup had been won by Man City who had comfortably secured a champions league spot and so had both the FA Cup finalists (shockingly along with Leicester) and Arsenal were 1 point ahead of us. We had to beat Leeds whilst Arsenal either drew or lost to Watford, by half-time we were 3-0 up so our European hopes were all in Watford's (who were already relegated) hands. They were 1-0 up at half-time but could they hold onto it...



No, no they couldn't.

It finished Arsenal 2-1 Watford and we missed out on Europa League football by no fault of our own

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In a shock turn of events, we managed to sign the 5th most valuable player in the world for £120 million - Moise Kean. He was 90 rated and only 24 years-old. We only had that much money thanks to championship Fulham offering us £100 million for our 90 rated centerback Juan Martinez.

By 10 games in we had not lost a single game, but we were still in terrible form. We had won 3 and Drew 7. However after reaching the 4th round of the league cup and losing to Leicester 2-1, we discovered a very good tactic which was the exact same as our last one, just very defensive - by now we were in 2nd but everyone down to 8th were within 6 points

By Christmas we were top of the league and unbeaten and had very good success in the FA Cup. However, our best player, Alec Georgen's contract was ending and we didn't have enough money to give him a new one so we had to put him on the transfer list as I was scared he'd go for free at the end of the season. PSG offered me £46 million at the start of January but I declined it - I realised that might have been a mistake. After getting no offers throughout January I panicked and at the end of the window, I accepted a £49 million offer from Arsenal - they got a right bargin.

With 4 games to go we were 11 points clear at the top of the table - if we beat Watford (games against Watford seem to matter for big clubs IRL and on the game...) we would have brought premier league glory to a village of 5000 people.

We didn't just win - we destroyed them 5-0. However this wasn't the only big scoreline of the season: we beat Stoke 6-1 and 9-1, Crystal Palace 5-0 and 6-1 and Huddersfield 9-0. We continued to win the rest of our games and did what Liverpool couldn't - go invincable

By this point - Moise Kean was the best player in the world - 99 rated!!! and we were in the Champions League...

I have decided that I will go to another club when Forest Green win the champions League, but i'll keep it in the same save so please give me any suggestions (if we do it this season i'll go to Bromley FC who are currently in League One!!)

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For the next season(s) I shall update you every 2 moths or so so there won't be entire essays to read lol. Please ask if there is anything you would like me to cover - Dave

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After winning the league and the FA Cup we had to play the community shield against Man City. And we absolutely anailolated them. It finished 5-2 with goals from Didier Boupendzia (95) - our Sierra Leonean Striker, Moise Kean (99) - the best player in the world and Jasmin Kokir (94) - a young Serbian super-prospect 


Community Shield.png

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Right, so my community Shield update is still awaiting approval so i won't spoil that - anyway we got off to a very good start in the Premier League beating Tottenham Hotspur 4-0 with 3 goals from Moise Kean (who is now worth £205.68M!) and 1 goal from Brad Morales, our 24 year-old American right-back/midfielder who is rated 95.

We had a very lucky 1-1 draw against Man Utd, I assumed that our Invincible hopes were over after them taking the lead after 56 minutes but lucky the legend who is Moise Kean got us a late winner

The Champions League has been drawn and to be honest, it could be a lot worse - we are in a group with Atletico Madrid, PSV and Porto; we should most certainly get out of that


Now, this next part won't mean anything to you but I managed to resign Alec Georgen from Arsenal after horribly having to let him go after he wouldn't sign a new deal - but we managed to pip PSG to signing him after paying £90.1M (ouch) - so happy to see him back


In the match against Wolves, I realized I'm gonna need to change tactics - they scored in the first minute and we really struggled to counter them until I messed around with the tactics. Luckily though - as he always does - Kean scored a goal for us and so did Boupendza; looks like he's turning out to be a very good player. Wolves 2-2 FGR

The League Cup 3rd round has given us a very good draw against Peterborough United of League one, we should win that


In an absolute thrashing against West Brom: Boupendza bagged himself a hat-trick; Brad Morales got one and thanks to our 86 rated, 27 year-old Uruguayan striker Federico Valverde - being injured, David Royo, an 85 rated, 21 year-old Spanish midfielder got a goal on his debut - he'll definitely be starting more games for us. 

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In September we managed to beat Brighton 7-4 and played our first Champions League match in Forest Green's history against Atletico Madrid

In the 7th minute, Boupendza opened up the scoring for us and we have been dominating the stats. FGR 1-0 Atletico By the 15th minute, Atletico Madrid had a couple good attacks and I could sense a goal coming, Matilla made some great saves but Herrera tucked away a rebound for them FGR 1-1 Atletico. By the 22nd minute, Kean had missed a sitter but redeemed himself and scored a beauty FGR 2-1 Atletico. By half-time, Matilla made 3 amazing saves but Kokir missed 2 basically-open goals - I also subbed off Harry Maguire, who was on a yellow, for safety. By the 53rd minute, Moise Kean had missed an open goal but managed to put one away and extend our lead FGR 3-1 Atletico. By the 66th minute, Oblak had made some wonder-saves, Boupendza had skyed an open-goal and Georgen let one of their strikers through, he crossed it and Paitek headed it in FGR 3-2 Atletico. At the 76th minute, Brozovic had a free kick on the edge of the area. It was going to be impossible to miss - and he didn't FGR 3-3 Atletico. By the 80th minute, we had fallen apart and I wanted to stop watching FGR 3-4 Atletico. By the 92nd minute however, Preece (who had been subbed on for Kokir) scored a wonderful free kick from range FGR 4-4 Atletico. Is there still hope? ... No

I will only do full match reviews on big games but I felt like the first Champions League match for the club was a big enough match for this - there won't be many of these don't worry.


We went on to beat Bournemouth 5-0, Peterborough 7-0 in the League Cup, Man City 3-1 and scrape a 1-0 win out against West Ham. However, we continue to struggle in the Champions League as we only drew 1-1 against Porto

In the league cup we got drawn up against Manchester City - this should be easy...




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To start the month off: - we beat Crystal Palace 3-2 with goals from Sid Agnew, Moise Kean and Brad Morales; absolutely thumped Norwich 6-0 with 2 goals from Kean and Boupendza whilst Kokir and Agnew got themselves one each.

After the past 2 Champions League results I thought we might end up struggling in that competition, but we managed to calm my worries after Royo, Kean, Hernandes and Agnew scored 5 between them to make us beat PSV Eindhoven 5-1 which puts us 2nd in our group - 2 points off Atletico Madrid image.png.8c76ded4e8c7e6fffb357f2c5f0971b1.png

We then went to the Craven Cottage to play Fulham where we looked destined for a draw but Boupendza scored an 89th minute winner to make it 2-1; Boupendza (just worked out that he is actually Aubamayang's regen) and Kean helped secure us a 3-0 against Liverpool and now it's looking like no-one is gonna stop us going invincible for the 2nd season in a row.

And it was at this point I realized it wasn't going to be as easy this season .... Moise Kean is out for 7 weeks - oh dear. We're going to really miss him


Although, maybe we don't need him, Boupendza and Kokir managed to slide 2 past Oblak to give us a 2-0 victory over Atletico Madrid and put us top of the Champions League. And then we played Leicester - who were the only team who beat us last season when they knocked us out of the league cup in the 4th round could they do it again?... No - Kokir and Agnew slipped 2 in and made me very optimistic of another unbeaten season (beat that Arsenal)

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To start off November, we beat Burnley 4-1 with goals from Preece, Moraled, Cavalli and Agnew; we then had to play Man City in the 4th round of the league cup - we haven't had much success in this cup but hopefully this year we'll go a bit further.

Well, this might turn out to be a struggle -  by half-time they were 3-2 up thanks to 2 goals in 2 minutes from Jesus and a penalty from Kane. And that's how it stayed... there goes an invincible season; hopefully our league results will be better...

Then we played Everton, and by half-time it was the exact same as the last match... I really hoped we could turn this around and go unbeaten in the league - and we did, we managed to pull them to a 3-3 draw - but i'm not hopeful that this will happen for the rest of the month, nevermind the season.

As bad performances continue, we managed to scrape out a 91st minute winner against Porto - i'm not sure what to do about this bad run but i'm not sure if I even should; maybe it'll sort itself out... hopefully - well it certainly didn't against Chelsea; we only managed to pull out a 1-1 draw. I'm getting quite worried now: without Kean we have played more like the League 2 Forest Green than the Champions League Forest Green

Against Newcastle - we were 2-0 down at halftime; things were looking bleak. All we had to do was pull off an amazing comeback but could we manage it?...


No, it finished 2-0 and we are not going invincible again - and we've dropped down to 2nd, 2 points behind Man City; and we know they can beat us on the night...

Maybe the Champions League could revive what has most certainly been the most disappointing month in this season - Nevermind, he only drew 2-2 against PSV; could have been a lot worse tho (i guess)

And as if this season couldn't get and harder... image.png.715f7b0e805f9adef35564c7a7e3f1e3.png Oh dear

At the end of the month we managed to beat Arsenal 1-0 but i'm still not impressed

The next months are going to be more direct about the results and in less detail so there isn't too much for you to read (if anyone can be arsed to keep up with this (I wouldn't))

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