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Maybe this is a known bug, but because I don't have many suspensions on my team, and I'm sure that the suspension system worked on the first two seasons (I think it even counted the yellow cards) because this was an issue on the SM19 and I've tested this at first, but today this happened:

Issue Summary: Suspension system bugged

Issue Details:

When a player is suspended due to a red card the game tries to enforce the suspension on a passed game. As you can see from the image below, the game where the player received the red card was in August 15th 2026, and the suspension was issued for a game that happened at August 8th 2026.

imagem.thumb.png.f229a43eea36b647863734162f4c4b61.pngCountries selected at start:
I don't know how to be sure about this one, but when I choose the "League select" option I can see the Portuguese, Spanish, English, Italian, Netherlander, Greek, German and French leagues.
Game Date(when issue was found): 05/05/2020

Device details;

              BRAND            : Asus

              MODEL            : TUF

              OS                    : Windows 10 Home

              VERSION        : 1909



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Strange, I can't delete the second image...

Maybe it's a forum bug!


Issue Summary: Can't delete a picture uploaded in the forums

Issue Details:

I've pasted a picture into the post above, but it's doubled and I can't delete one of those pictures


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