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Please fix the game

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Like so many people, I love the game but can't play it because it's broken. 

When I pass the ball, why doesn't the shoot button pop up early. Instead it just flashes before I'm tackled, so you can't shoot first time. In fact, this happens with a lot of skills making them useless. 

Something is wrong with the gks. I guess that green bar is supposed to fill up. It doesn't do anything for me. 

The game constantly glitches. 

When I drag my player to make him run, without the ball, more than half the time he doesn't do it. So it's basically useless. 

I'll put money into the game if you fix it. 

I've deliberately put this here and not in support. My feeling is that these issues are obvious and I would like to encourage the devs to fix them, please. 

Otherwise, can anyone suggest a similar game? 

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Posted (edited)

These problems have been in the game for ages now 😔 such a great game with huge potential but they don't seem interested in investing time into fixing it... The last 2 things they did was change the 2 tournaments from having trophy prizes to one's that don't... That only demoralises the players more now.. I'd day the last 6 or 7 things they have done to the game only made it worse for players which is sad as its a great game that i once was addicted too ha 

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