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Awarding world players of the year


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Please , I'm here to complain on how the world player of the year is being awarded to players with ratings below 60. 

If there is a way you can isolate the players with the highest ratings and award the player with the best performance with the award . It will be great. 

And please,  I have an issue with the transfers.  Add more transfer options like, trading players, 2year loans. Player + money deals. Thank you. 


Finally,  increase the amount of leagues one can choose from to 10. It gets boring after you've coached all the leagues available. Increase player reactions and interviews of press conferences. Make it so that a rival coach or player can insult you, your players or teams.  And after the match apologize if his team lost or jeer at you if he won. Adding more countries to the game, like in Africa, there's only one league. Please change that. Make it so that,  a big star in a small team,  can demand to leave to a bigger club when the opportunity arrives. It makes the game challenging. 


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