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Theo please read and respond

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Hello I came here to give some ideas for the SM2019 that will probably leave in September 2018 I would separate the tips in numbers and it would be really cool if theo answered what is possible to do which has no way and what is already being done

1-should be the biggest deficiency in the game and you should be solving this that is to choose 4 countries from the whole world I hope and I think it will be increased in SM2019

2-the scouts take an absurd time to do reports 15 days initially is very bad could decrease to 7 days and with the increases of facilities decrease to 1 day I think it would improve our life

3-I think it should appear at least the overal and the attack and defense of the players because today any coach has an overall basis of each player even more young promises that we do not know how they are

4-would be great if the scouts told the potential of players ex: vinicius jr age 17 GER 65 POT 88
It would be easier because we can not see a video on youtube explaining this

5-although it is very difficult I think it would be very important to have selections and we can manage one and to have a world cup world cup qualifiers friendly with the selection I know it is difficult to add this in the game more if they add it would be very good

6-I think it is missing championships in the game for example world of clubs add group stage in the Copa LibertadoresTo be eliminatory to copalibertadores is very bad for the South American players I know the game only has few countries but to add the Paraguayan, Bolivia and to increase the amount of teams that go to copalibertadores by pais ex. Brazil the top 4 and the Brazil Cup champion and also add to the South American Cup because if there is the europe league why not South America and also add pre-season cups type florida cup or better make the world cup clubs like season pre season the AFC cup champion and champions league championship and if it gives africa cup and 4 more randomly invited teams maybe and and if agent does not win any continetal cup it would be great to have another pre season cup with us and 7 more random clubs.

7-money base of a club I think it is very low for example real madrid has only 40M euros what pro real madrid is very little because 40M is what I need to hire ajax ziyech this money can not buy no craque I think it should increase a lot the real madrid have a 150M and barcelona 148M the PSG 143M man city 140M just an example but for small teams this is great the money they have but I think it strange that the American and Chinese teams have little money for example the richest team in china has 5M should have a minimum of 30M

8-I heard that you were going to add contracts within SM2019 which is great, it's really a lot of contracts without contracts

9-valorização dos jogaodres is horrible I made a career with the Basque team that I support and in my first year I was in 3 in the championship I had a steering wheel that was the best jueododor of the championship W.Martins note medium of is of 8.70 in the whole championship he had 24 anose 66 of GER he did not increase in anything in his GERal on the contrary decreased to 64 his value did not increase and to make matters worse he was the best player last season and decreased again to 62 and he only had 24 years this should improve

10- tactics tactics could improve a lot more to get a little more advanced because when we do not control the players what we can change are the tactics would then improve a lot if the tactics were more advanced

11-the transfers are horrible should have how to negotiate for example the real madrid came to make a proposal to my player he is worth 23M and they hurt him 22M and I have to offer more than double the amount of one player to the other team to accept is an absurd and only receive an offer when I put players on the transfer list should have as I asked for a value and the team say that they are willing to pay or not to be in real time
For example manchester city made an offer for the pogba of my Man utd
 so there will be 3 options to accept to refuse or negotiate if it tightens in nogociar will open a page on top where I can ask a player in exchange or asked for more money in case I ask 120M in pogba then real time will appear 85M so I will 95M in Fifa18 only without those videos and it would also be cool to have a resisoria.E Fine and for example if I arrived at the profile of neymar would not have to make offer was to negotiate buy then I would click a real-time chat would appear for me to negotiate the representative of PSG and offered an amount and he made a counter proposal was going to be top

12-it would be cool if I had some pro cheats like the yellow coin I could buy an investor who was going to deposit money into the team's account with 100 yellow coins I buy an investor that every season will add 20M with 200 coins 50M 300 100M coins and also with the coins buy a young star that is sure to be crque type in fifa18 and also was going to be very good pro my way career if had as I add the amount that I quissese ne any example club I want to play with a team of 5 English division but I want to add 200M in box to hire stars would be great but if you do not want to add no problem

13-would also be great if you already said what you are going to add in SM2019 because 2 months is missing and we have no idea

14-simulate a game would be great because a lot of times I create a quick career mode of 1 season and it would be nice if I had how I simulate the game to pass the time fast

15-I do not cut the installation system because I think it's inefficient. Look, I have a career mode of 7 seasons and my team the morecambe of the 4 English division has already won 2 premier league 2 champions and many others altogether 14 titles and not yet I'm not even in the middle of the system and worse than when I'm going to train the real madrid it's all in level 1 the scout of real madrid can not even analyze players from another continent very unrealistic

16-I know it would be very heavy this would be very good if the other teams revealed players the worst is you arrive in 2025 and realize that you have a team without a serious goalkeeper I think you should solve this

 17-I also wanted the other teams to contract sometimes I see teams hiring more is type 1.2M 200k I only saw once a transfer of 30M I know that you are well enough already can get the warnings type chelsea is preparing an offer for gundogan of 50M which is great

18- the last request is that you improve the system of searches of you because I did a career mode of 7 years and did not know who the best players that were I did not know anything the value system does not work not find the players most valuable and along with item 3 of the list I think should have bigger overs of the world

another thing I think that at the end of the year should have prizes type the best player of the championship the best player of the continent and best player of the world the top scorer of the continent and the world championship the continent and the world championship assistant best goalkeeper of the championship of the continent continent and the world and also a raking of the best teams in the world with all 800 teams
and also have statistics of other championships of type in the national cup in the cup continetal is important to know who was the artilhiero of the champions and something else in the statistics add the goalkeeper who suffered the least goal in the championship

Thanks for the attention, sorry if you did not understand what I wrote, I used google translate

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Heres some of my thoughts on your ideas, of course all of them are good.
I would love to be able to choose more countries than just the 4, the problem that lies with that is altho it may run fine on a high end device, lower end ones may suffer due to the amount of processing power. Even if they increased it by 1 more country, I would welcome that,
I agree with the transfers, they do seem unrealistic, the transfer system needs an overhaul.
The search system could with a bit of tweaking.

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thanks for the support but I think since the beginning of the launch of SM2018 they should be working on it and now with the new company that arrived in SM crypto I think I'll get it and the problem is not that it is also the game in if the system game is heavy, everything must have as they diminish

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example my mobile phone is motoG1  is very slow so I use the PC and on my cell phone hangs too many times and should have an option to leave everything with the lowest graphics

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ola eu vou resumir tudo o que tudo no primeiro post pls traslator portuguese Brazil

1.controlar e visualizar todos os paises do mundo 

2.diminuir  o tempo dos olheiros de fazer relatorios

3.mostrar o GERAL ataque e defesa de todos os jogadores do jogo 

4.olheiros no relatorio dizer qual o potencial do jogador

5.adicionar seleçoes dentro do jogo

6.adicionar mundial de clubes adicionar mais paises sulamericanos adicionar fase de grupos na copalibertadores criar uma copa sul-americana pre-temporada como florida cup e mundial de clubes para os campeoes 

7.aumentar muito o dinheiro base de um time grande e aumentar o dinheiro base dos times chineses e americanos

8.melhorar os contratos

9.melhorar a valorização do jogador e aumento de geral

10.melhorar as taticas e deixar mais avançadas

11.adicionar como negociar transferencias

12.poder comprar com a moeda amarela investidor para depositar dinheiro pro clube

13.seria otimo se voces dissesem oque vão adicionar no SM2019

14.ter como simular partidas

15.usa o sistema de instalaçoes do SM2017

16.os outros times revelassem jogadores 

17.os outros times contratar muito mais

18.melhorar o sistema de buscas no jogo

ter premios individuais

ter um raking dos melhores clubes do mundo

ter estatisticas da champions e muito mais pois so tem do campeonato nacional e adicionar do melhor goleiro do campeonato que é o goleiro que menos sofreu gol

18 hours ago, kennedy said:


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Moto G1 is is far too old now, and there's nothing  graphical that can have graphic options in the game as there is no 3D.

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Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas/suggestions with us - we really appreciate it!

We can't say too much about what is happening with Soccer Manager 2019 yet, but you can be sure that we will be looking very closely at what the community has asked for, and we will try and include as much of the requested features as we can. We have some big ideas of our own on how we can improve the game and offer a more enjoyable and realistic experience with SM19.

As soon as we are able to share any new information, you can read about it first right here on this forum, and on our Facebook / Twitter / Instagram pages :)

Thanks again!


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Muito obrigado por compartilhar suas idéias / sugestões conosco - nós realmente apreciamos isso!

Ainda não podemos falar muito sobre o que está acontecendo com o Soccer Manager 2019, mas você pode ter certeza de que estaremos analisando de perto o que a comunidade pediu, e tentaremos incluir o máximo possível dos recursos solicitados. nós podemos. Temos algumas grandes ideias sobre como podemos melhorar o jogo e oferecer uma experiência mais agradável e realista com o SM19.

Assim que formos capazes de compartilhar qualquer nova informação, você pode ler sobre isso primeiro aqui neste fórum, e em nossas páginas no Facebook / Twitter / Instagram :)

Obrigado novamente!


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de nada estou ansioso pelo SM19 e ja sei que sera um dos melhores jogos que ja joguei


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Posted (edited)

Sería bueno agregar:

1. Los contratos de los jugadores (por ejemplo, Firman por 4 ó 5 años y vencen contratos)

2. El nuevo formato de la Champions League y Europa League. (Las cuatro grandes ligas tienen 4a champions , la 5 y 6 tienen 3 clasificados c/u de la 7 a la 15 liga tienen 2 clasificados por liga y asi ), 3  a Europa League todos.

3. El dinero que tiene cada club y elevar el precio de los jugadores como está ahora.

4.El tercer puesto de la Champions League va a la Europa League.

5. Agregar ligas Latinas, Europeas, Asiaticas y Africana (por ejemplo: las 7 mejores ligas latinas son: BRASIL, ARGENTINA con su formato de liga (28 equipos) y segunda B, CHILE, COLOMBIA, URUGUAY, PERÚ y ECUADOR)

(Las ligas europeas: de España: agregar la segunda B. Alemania: Agregar la 3. Liga. Inglaterra. Las ligas que están bien. Italia: Agregar la Serie C. FRANCIA: Championnant National. RUSIA: Agregar la 2da liga Rusa.

(Por Asia las 4 mejores ligas de Asia: la liga JAPONESA, COREA DEL SUR, ARABIA SAUDÍ y CHINA.

(Por África las 3 mejores ligas: EGIPTO, TÚNEZ y MARRUECOS.

6. Añadir la Copa Sudamericana y Recopa Sudamericana.

7.La liga mexicana tiene una liguilla de los 8 primeros.

8. Que se puede elegir más de 4 ligas entre todas.

9. Agregar Alineaciones (por ejemplo la 3-1-4-2 que es diferente a la 3-5-2 B)

10.Poder elegir ligas menores cuando ya estés más experimentado (por ejemplo Bielsa un gran DT al LEEDS)

11. Más partidos amistosos o un minitorneo de pretemporada

12. Las transferencias de jugadores (POGBA por el Cardiff o NEYMAR por el Lorient) no es realista.

13.Los jóvenes estaban bien como en el SM17.

14. Intercambio de jugadores o dinero más un jugador.

15. El crecimiento de los juveniles (hizo jugar a un juvenil de 18 años en la temporada anotó 13 goles y fué el ganador del equipo, costaba 890 euros, pero su gran rendimiento no fue ni su precio ni su valoración general).

Si es así sería mucho mejor. Se que es muy difícil de decir estoy seguro, pero es un gran juego, ya los grandes juegos se hace más grandes gracias.

Edited by MikeJim
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