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SM 21 Ideas and Features

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SM 21 Ideas
- Negotiations with other clubs contain exchange (players) deals
- Custom tactics
- The Animations are common causing me to acknowledge if my team will score or concede
- Making the Faces of the Players Realistic Especially when you zoom in the player face when a team score 
- Different Camera views for matches
-During Matches, you can get a popup of who holds more shots on target and others
-More Press Conferences that don't only affect the media but the players.
- Animation of a team lifting the trophy
- Team talk
- Skill Animation
- Other Match Highlights
- More Transfers Especially for Clubs that are not Big
- Transfer Rumors
- Sacking of Manager
- Players Wanting to leave if they have had an offer rejected by a big team
- Arrange Friendly Games
- Release Clauses
-Player Interaction
Hope you guys do my ideas and I will hopefully enjoy your game.


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My players R unhappy.. I guess they don't want a new contract later so gonna lose them a few of them missed only a few games but still sayin not enough game time or wanna get involved more in first team.. IV got screen shots I gonna make video see anyone can fix this on youtube.. because I did ask U to fix it ages ago... Love the game but this unhappy thing N can't sell players kill the game sorry.. if anyone read this plz email me 






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Upload pictures and ask for reply
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