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Soccer Manager 2021 Ideas (Update)

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I already made 2 but I got so much in my head

Some in the List I already added

SM21 Ideas

- Arrange Friendly

- Player asking to leave for a bigger club

- Player Swap in Transfers

- International Break + International Jobs

- In depth of Press Conferences that can not only affect media but players

- Team Talk at the start and the end

Animation of a team lifting the trophy 

- Limit people in stadiums

- Real Name and Faces and on Chairmen

- In dept of News ( Player in good form, Player who has been picked for international duty, Player Rumour of moving to a different club) PLEASE DONT PUT IN INBOX 

- Realism on Player Faces

- Add a Rap Theme Song to your Game 

- Change in Background during matches For Example The Champions League Would have a blue background

- Talk to Team or Player

- Add VAR



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