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General Soccerwiki Thread


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As there is little to no support regarding Soccerwiki and seemingly no place to report anything, I thought here is as good as anywhere. Hoping someone may know answers or potentially provide support. There's probably a boat load of other questions, but at least this could act as a place to house these queries. 

  1. How do you gain levels in your Soccerwiki account? Clearly uploading player images constitutes no gains, so wondering if anyone knows what this arbitrary level system is based upon?
  2. Does the voting system actually do anything? Is there any consistency or logic to the way images or data is accepted?
  3. How do you stop certain users for consistently uploading terrible images? Is there some kind of reporting feature? See the example below, this unnamed user has simply uploaded an image of much worse quality, and does so consistently.


I'd also just like to add a thank you to all of those contributors to Soccerwiki who are genuinely trying to improve the data. I mainly upload images, so users I see all the time such as DiamondStudd and VDDB73 are doing great work.

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