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Hi everyone!

Well, the International management mode is now released - we at SM hope that you, our users, are enjoying the new game mode!

Unfortunately, there was a couple of pretty serious bugs that slipped through into the release - specifically, user's reported that they could not make substitutions in a match, and that some player ratings got changed after the update.

We are happy to say that these problems should now be fixed. Please fully update your app for the fixes to take affect.

We apologise again for the bugs, and we hope that everyone will now be able to play and enjoy the International mode without any problems. Thanks for being patient with us while we fixed these issues!


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I can confirm this is working again :) I would like to say thanks to the Devs for resolving this so quickly when we feared our saves were dead ends.

I know this doesn't quite have the depth of some other football managers(or larger games) but that is far and away the quickest turnaround I've seen! Very impressed.

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