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Anyone around?

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Wanted to see if anyone around! This forum is dead. So trying to revive it a bit by talking nonsense football. Start was dreadful for the decade: COVID and then Liverpoo got the title ☹️ after 30 years walking alone(because of Fergie of cuz). Man s*ity got their ass saved by their million euros lawyers. Imagine being in champions league spot and not being able to qualify for it 😂. And now Baldiola can spent milliards on fullbacks again 😂. Gotta feel for Leicester got their dream crushed by their own man big headed harry Maguire and thnx to Evans 2 for dat win (our guy) and give us 3rd place. Talking about Lampard done a Great Job in his 1st pl season at chelsea replacing  Kepa. The special one doing his tricks again in pl.  respect and I sink he will do a good bus driver job in his 3rd season  but I prefer not to speak more 🤐. After gud ebenin it’s really gud mornin for Arse nal. Loved it Arteta  giving his friend Baldiola a bitter medicine and turn their old boring style into a better bus parking and counter attacking, but ya never know what happens in FA Cup final today, I sink it’s another trophy less year for Wes and Stollers beloved Arse nal. Brighton is surprisingly still in pl somehow, Malcom is 😆. Now outside of England, Inter Milan is doing Robinhood job, that means no party for Pepsi and Bazza.

if you read dis try to comment.

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