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I'm playing as Oxford Utd and having fun and doing very well like last season irl, I'm currently 4th and outperforming my boards request of midtable. My biggest issue is all of my players are "upset with their performances" even though they're doing very well. Their morale drops every game even if I win, I've just lost an FA cup match against Chelsea and all my players have decided that even though it's a Chelsea 2-1 loss they should end it all 🤨

Last year's SM I never had an issue with player morale like this beta, is this something that can be addressed?

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7 hours ago, Pack King KC said:

Wow latest update and you STILL can't progress to year 2021 this is getting really annoying now

You might need to start again (Unless you have). Would try get clarification on this. Something bug fixes can't overwrite the problem in an existing game (if that makes sense...)

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On 8/25/2020 at 5:13 PM, Alessio Di Benedetto said:

Hi all and welcome,

I still don't get the SM21 beta invitation. Can someone tell me how to do it.

    Thank you


You aren't the only one experiencing that....

Game keeps on crushing and runs slow

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On 8/7/2020 at 4:19 PM, Alex(SM Support) said:

Hi All.

Welcome the the SM21 beta forum.

Whether you're an experienced manager or new to the SM brand, we want to hear your feedback.

Drop a reply to this post to say hi and let us know your here. We will flag you as a beta tester and you can jump into the discussion.

Please make new transfers and promotion and relegeted trans...i want play with Elche im primera like in real.

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