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7 minutes ago, Alex(SM Support) said:

Hi all and welcome. 

I know an email has been sent out to many and a build will be made available as soon as possible through test flight. 

Please read your emails as acceptance into the SM21 Beta.

We apologise for the delay, but the build we planned to release was found to have a severe error with a key facility. So we are aiming to fix that before we upload a new build for you.

Ok thanks any clue when it will be finished 

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Just to let you know you aren’t alone mate, don’t worry. Same with me. Let’s just hope they sort it out because it’s my first beta.

What are we supposed to do as none of us are getting codes 

Can't wait for the full release. Am not a beta tester. But would love the 2021 version to b hard for good game play and club should be able to sack coaches if they were unable to meet target. Players

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44 minutes ago, Alexsan said:

I hate that they didn't choose the android users only because there are some people that like to threat the developers that they will spread the apk.

Not all the people with android do that.

Please choose android users I really want to test SM21 beta. Hope that admins will see this message

Hope you all will receive your codes and play the game



We also hate that we have to do it. 

Unfortunately Google doesn't yet have the same protections as iOS and therefore we must take our own precautions until we are happy the app release won't have a negative impact on us and our game.


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37 minutes ago, PR00 said:

I’m in the first batch of testers. Just waiting in my code. Been playing SM since it first came out. Still enjoy it. 

Don’t worry you’ll get your code soon. You don’t have to convince them 😂.

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1 hour ago, Michaelpayne said:

How does the invite mail look like, cuz i only get beta sign up to complete my beta registration. Please enlighten me

If you haven't got beta access email this means you weren't one of the 1000 to be selected sadly. But I think more invites are being sent out over the next few days,


55 minutes ago, Dipanshu said:

When I will get test flight code

I think codes are being sent out sometime today when they have a fix for a serious issue.

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7 minutes ago, Michaelpayne said:

Please can you describe how the mail looks like. What is written inside the mail please

It literally says "You Have Been Selected!" in big bold writing at the top like the image attached.



Edit: I think you might have been referring to the TestFlight email actually - Which I haven't got yet either sorry


Screenshot 2020-08-11 at 10.08.47.png

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No sadly beta is only available for iOS users due to certain people threatening to leak the APK. Alex has mentioned this in sticky thread on here somewhere.
Maybe in the future the beta will be available to Android users too.

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Just now, Michaelpayne said:

Ok bro, you don't mind sending interface of the games, when you played, i can dm you on twitter if you give me your handle


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