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Just to let you know you aren’t alone mate, don’t worry. Same with me. Let’s just hope they sort it out because it’s my first beta.

What are we supposed to do as none of us are getting codes 

Can't wait for the full release. Am not a beta tester. But would love the 2021 version to b hard for good game play and club should be able to sack coaches if they were unable to meet target. Players

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- My defense and goalkeepers perform below 6 in all games, despite having maximum chemistry, having quite high averages and playing against a team whose player ratings do not exceed 70

 - Despite having many shots per game, my matches usually end with 0 or 1 goals in my favor, while the rival, despite having fewer shots, ends up scoring 2 or 3 goals at least, this regardless of whether it is a weaker team or a stronger one

- And finally, please, I'm not the only one asking, allow offline play, the community will thank you

Sorry if there are any grammatical errors


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On 9/8/2020 at 3:52 PM, Neytra said:

Hi all, I am having problems linking/Signing to Google play. 

cleae the data, uninstall and reinstall the game from playstore, and try it again. it happened for me after updating the game and by doing this, it started to work again.

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so I have been playing  the beta a bit and I have saw that is possible  to buy players from other leagues that are not playable.Will this leagues added?For example the romanian league has all teams added ,but its not available  to be played


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Just a suggestion which if possible for future sm games maybe a in game editor kinda similar to the one football manager has to add your own unique spins to your save for example renaming players as yourself or adding yourself to the game or changing budgets and stats of players even if you implement it as a must pay to access thing i still belive it would be a cool addition for future soccer manager games

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With the game about to come out, I think these improvements are still pending:
- Too many injuries to players, no matter how much they do weekly physical training and are in continuous rotation, they are also usually injuries whose recovery time does not fall than one month
- The game is still not completely offline, which is something that I'm sure all players dislike a lot, last year it was, why not now?
- The prices that are handled by certain players are exorbitant, for example, in my first season Leicester City paid 60 million for Richarlison, he is a very good player, but in real life no more than 30 million would be paid for him
- The game keeps crashing many times, which for a game that is about to exit is unacceptable
I kindly ask you to solve these problems, because so far I have not been able to enjoy playing, and sorry if there are any grammatical errors
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On 7/8/2020 at 11:19, Alex(SM Support) said:

Hola a todos.

Bienvenido al foro beta de SM21.

Tanto si es un gerente experimentado como si es nuevo en la marca SM, queremos escuchar sus comentarios.

Envíe una respuesta a esta publicación para saludar y háganos saber que está aquí. Lo marcaremos como probador beta y puede participar en la discusión.

Hello, I have a problem with the game, I have an iPhone 6, when I enter it closes, another problem is that the data packages do not load, the game closes !! i can't play it

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