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1 minute ago, Alexsan said:

We gotta wait man... I think a solution for Android would be blocking and not giving the beta to people that want to share the apk

I have never done that before. People sharing the apk has forfeit our chance of getting it, i hope the developer reconsider us😔

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55 minutes ago, Paul said:


I received an email from you about being excepted into the BETA but I haven’t received an email from TestFlight. 

Any ideas on what I should do?





Read this whole conversation and you’ll find out 😂

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8 hours ago, Michaelpayne said:

Ok bro, you don't mind sending interface of the games, when you played, i can dm you on twitter if you give me your handle

You can see the interface on King Pacybits YouTube he’s got the Alpha. Lots of gameplay.

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8 minutes ago, Nezi said:

I got an email yesterday saying I got invited to the beta and sayed that I would get a code from TestFlight but I didn’t can you reply and sort this out before I complain.

Dude they’re trying to sort it out calm down it’ll be fixed eventually 

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I know they are probably doing all they can to fix it but at least post a warning on social media to let people know about the error. They’ve given another batch of managers out yesterday but didn’t warn them about the error before hand. More confusion will lead from this.

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