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1 hour ago, Bigman123 said:

I know they are probably doing all they can to fix it but at least post a warning on social media to let people know about the error. They’ve given another batch of managers out yesterday but didn’t warn them about the error before hand. More confusion will lead from this.

Exactly they need to be mire organised

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Just to let you know you aren’t alone mate, don’t worry. Same with me. Let’s just hope they sort it out because it’s my first beta.

What are we supposed to do as none of us are getting codes 

Can't wait for the full release. Am not a beta tester. But would love the 2021 version to b hard for good game play and club should be able to sack coaches if they were unable to meet target. Players

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5 minutes ago, craigibhoy said:

I'm guessing it will be sometime today, maybe the update is an apple thing now and that's why there is a delay.

Yeah Apple is pretty slow on things sometimes 

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14 minutes ago, Alex(SM Support) said:

All those on iOS who received an email about being accepted onto the beta should also now have received an email through Testflight.

The beta build is now available.

I’ve still had nothing but I’m guessing it should be sent soon

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So basically, tons of android users applied and they have to wait month for official release hmm

Last year beta testers had to wait like week before official release to get beta access

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2 minutes ago, Infamous Steve said:

Does the Beta Work for a Huewei device ?

Interesting Question.... Technically yes. But certainly you would have to be more specific in listing the device model rather than just a global brand.

The app will only be available through the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore. So for the Huawei devices that no longer have Google Play Services or the Google Play Store installed the app will not be available.



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