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Cannot continue after game


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The current closed beta builds have a "REPORTER" available. On your device if you can draw a circle with your finger, an overlay should be displayed. 

There will be rows of text, if you press continue while this is open (you are able to click through it) the error responsible should be displayed. 

Please tap the row with a exclamation mark in a red circle and upload a screenshot here.

See my attached image for an example of the reporter.



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Thanks for this, I will get it passed on to see if any solution can be found. 

We will have an error reporting system available in either the next update or the one after this which will, if you allow it send the error and a copy of your save file direct to the developers. 

Need to rely on this manual approach right now though!

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@Alex(SM Support)Are we still on for an update today regarding the below?

On 8/18/2020 at 8:45 PM, Alex(SM Support) said:

I have been informed by our development team that this will be resolved in the next build we release (expected tomorrow).

Whether the fix will allow continued progression on the current save I cannot say right now. Sorry.


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