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so far the game is excellent, but I have two ideas I believe would make a huge impact.

1. Legends - I believe if you add roughly 20 Legends to the game, and you make them available 1-2 times throughout each season, it would make the game much more interesting and create nostalgia for a lot of players. Also, this keeps players engaged with your game and keeps us always looking forward to the spotlight players update after each match or time stamp.

2. Better Player Models - I understand this might not be a main focus and almost impossible at this stage to make much difference, but the player models need a mass improvement. Ibrahimovic is way too tan and just doesn’t look like him. He’s just an example. A lot of players just don’t look good and the models could be improved.

However, everything for the most part is fantastic and I’m very impressed. The goalkeeper animations could absolutely use some work also. I’m someone who likes to watch the matches play out and enjoy the animations.

thank you 

@Alex(SM Support)


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Thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear you're enjoying it. 

I have just responded to a mention of goalkeepers. We are aware they require some improvement and will be looking at that over the next week. 

Legends have been discussed a number of times through the years. The question regularly comes back to how the data for the game is generated. It is all community generated via soccerwiki.org and passed into the game through data packs.

I don't believe the data for legends is available there.

We have greatly improved the player models in a more general sense this year, to be able to deliver a wider variety of animations and visual performance on the pitch. Player appearance is still limited to the options available on the wiki, which as previously mentioned, comes into the game through data packs.



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