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FEEDBACK Android Build: 1.0.1(b1374)

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in the current version on android 1.0.1 (b1374)
1. most of the matches are unfinished because after the match is over, I do not have a continuation, but I still see the view of the field where there are no players, so now I only have to play quick matches

2. The second thing is a request to restore the interesting information that was found in the sm20, when our player suffered an injury, the message contained information for how many days our player pauses and how many matches he will miss, now it is missing and this option was really helpful.
Thank you for your attention, I will send another opinion in a few days: D

3. when setting up the tactic, I would like it to look like in sm20 I mean that if we take into account, for example, deepening it in orange and red, they displayed positions that I do not want to deepen, in SM21 I have not seen it yet and this option was also helpful because if we play a career with the RoadToGlory club, we do not know each player and their nominal positions.

Thank you for your attention, I will send another opinion in a few days: D

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