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My Feedback on SM21

Infamous SM

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he Soccer Manager 2021 appears like its a whole different game and has improved a lot with some brand new features that I and others required in the game such as Friendlies, Replay and new Animations which I'm extremely happy.


Previously I disliked the training system on SM21 that I viewed from youtube and assumed this was the equivalent training system on SM18 and SM19 nevertheless when handling I think this was a tremendous improvement from SM2020 and now has my full intention than I did on 18' and 19'. πŸ˜€

Match Engine:Β 

The Match Engine has also developed a lot. if I aspired to change something it would be becoming closer to the action because it's tough to recognise from a far away particularly if you have a phone and not a tablet and so I have to rely on replays to show the goals. ( it is very laggy right now.)


You have listened and introduced arrange friendlies which I'm happy, however, I would adore to sim through to months or days in case of there's not an important game coming upΒ 

Stadium / Facilities:

Fantastic, no need for more improvement 😍


Bang on. 😎 If there's one thing I wanted it would be presenting " player to watch " like in PES


Amazing! Why wasn't there Sponsors in the first place??? πŸ˜€


-Β Rap Theme / Latin Song

- Change of theme For Example, when it's Champions League it has blue blights.


Β SM21 is great and is moving into the right step

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Assinando PatrocΓ­nio
VΓ­deo novo no canal BETA G4MER galera.
Deixa o like de vcs para ajudar nossos canal..
Β  Β VΓ­deo era pra sair ontem mais infelizmente nΓ£o deu por problema de internet.
Β  Β  Β  Β  Conto com vcΒ 

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