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New Beta Version available! (v1.0.5)

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Hello everyone! 😎

I'm happy to announce that theres a new Beta version rolling out to all testers now. Version 1.0.5 should be available to you now, or very soon (please be patient if the update hasn't appeared for you yet - it will appear soon!)



Users with saves in European leagues created on 1.0.3 or earlier might experience issues going into a new season. This is due to a last minute competition change in the real world in the Turkish league.
If this occurs a new game must be started - sorry about that, but that is the nature of Beta testing.

Included in release;
- Continued optimisation, reducing crashes
- Midfield tactic removed from save tactics
- Correct missed matches for injured player
- Sponsorship contracts offer more money as teams improve
- Many more fixes


Please get onto version 1.0.5 as soon as you can so you're up to date, thanks! 😁

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13 hours ago, Tipu said:

Please fix game data saving error.

Hi, are you on the newest version (1.0.5)? And the game is still failing to save?

Does it save at all? e.g when you start a new game? After a match? When using the "Save" button in the settings menu? Or does it fail to save every time?

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Yes . When start a new game it works. Everything works fine.  But when game close itself during match, and I play again the match , then after the match it shows unable to save. When it shows this , I can't save the game from settings menu too. 

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