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I have played 3 seasons as Salford and been sacked prematurely it feels, like when still in good contention for being promoted and after no losses - it isnt realistic and needs to be resolved, or some sort of warning set of stages be put in place, culminating in a vote of confidence from the board or something letting you know you only have a couple of games to save yourself.

This last sacking was in my second season after id won my playoff semi but a bug saw the other team going through to the final.

My objective was to gain promotion and i was in 6th position with a game in hand on rivals with only 17 games gone, having only lost 1 game so far - how is this a sackable position??  Its fristrating because i used up my gold coins to get certain players and build a good team and all for nothing it seems! I know we asked for sackings so am happy to have them but they need to be realistic, after several losses or poor performances - The algorithm needs to be adjusted because currently, its definitely off...

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Ok, so this is pretty ridiculous now!

Playing as Salford again, first season, finished 3rd in  League 2 and won automatic promotion - great.

2nd season, (my first in League 1) the objective set by the board is to get promoted which seems unrealistic given i just did last season (this needs to be looked at too - the board setting realistic targets) but ok, whatever.

Its the end of September and im sitting pretty in 5th - in a promotion spot, i beat Northampton to record my 3 win out of 4 and...immediatedly get sacked after the win!

What gives? It makes no sense and is sooooo frustrating! Just spent a season building up a great young team and all my facilities, spending all my accrued coins, for nothing!!

Please tell me, is this some sort of bug that will be fixed?? I know we asked for sackings to be part of things, but not ridiculous ones like this! Please sort it out! Attached 2 screenshots, one with my league position, the other with my recent games - please please please get this sorted - its VERY annoying!

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Guest 100% agree

This is bullshit.  Why isn't it being addressed? Feels like we are wasting money just to get sacked.  I like the idea of getting fired, but there needs to be better warning, specially if you are meeting all goals. 

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