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Your Own Manager Profile

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At the beginning you get 45 statistics points that you can manage. After the season you will receive 3 points that you can add to the statistics. The maximum number of points you can spend is 90

Offensive - Influence on your team offensive game

Defensive - Influence on your team defensive game

Tactics - Influence on your team tactical game ( Formation, Team Instructions ) 

Goalkeepers - Influence on your goalkeepers game

Work with juniors - Influence on your juniors game, development juniors ( U21 )

Mediality - Influence on your relations with media

The value of your manager may increase due to winning, gained trophy and statements in the media.

You can accept offers from clubs at any time, but you can join the club when the transfer window is open. If you're a free agent, then you can take over the club immediately.859219672_soccermanageryourmanager.thumb.png.dbbcb68035796614c80fb51c10f60157.png

You have to fix player morale because it's annoying if player want to play more and more but his morals do not change


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From this idea, I especially liked the fact that you can voluntarily leave the club, and "offer" yourself to another club

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