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Game is too easy. (Complain)

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So at the start it was a challenging and fun experience of trying to win trophies and league titles. But as the years go by , big teams lose big players and don't replace them with new ones , and you basically can get big players from the Free Agents which no teams will buy them. And once your team gets to a certain point of greatness while other teams are on the complete opposite , you start winning titles and cups every season without fail and it gets boring as there is no excitement to the game left when you start winning every season. So maybe improving it in SM 19 by making teams buying more really good Free Agent players and actually using them (srsly whenever a team has a 50 million$ value player they wont even use them for some reason). And also can you add the option where you cannot see Free Agents stats whenever you search the market as it does not make sense of how the manager knows how good a free agent is wihout them even playing , I think that would make the game a bit more challenging. Also adding a difficulty button could help as well.


The screenshots below are the once top teams highest valued player at 2030 in game. And then theres mine (Liverpool)





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