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Hi.. My name is Rudi from Indonesian.. 

I have been playing soccer manager from 2019 .. I want to ask why in soccer manager 2021 version 1.1.5, after finishing the match it always returns to the start menu? is that some kind of bug? Then why is the 2021 soccer manager missing from my country's playstore?

please fix my issue.. I very like with this game..

so thanks for helping me..

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Hi, thanks for the message, sorry for the slow reply.

It sounds like the game is crashing due to poor performance of your device.

Unfortunately, we had to make some older and less powerful phones incompatible for performance reasons. You need a 64 bit device with at least 2gb RAM. I am not sure what Android version is required, but I recommend you update to the highest version available to you.

If the game is unavailable to you, we highly recommend playing on a newer device. Many thanks!

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