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2 pieces of ideas

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1. To conduct a vote at which the final of the Champions League will be held (for this, it is necessary to nominate a candidate of its stadium (at least 70,000 seats), but it does not always win, and every 5 years it is possible to nominate a candidate.
2. Other sports events: some players during the tournament (World Championship, for example) are excluded from the club in the location of the team, before the departure of their team. You can generate, well played the player or not, on which his rating depends.
3. Creation of tournaments: that the trainers could create small tournaments (in the off-season, and even in the winter break, where it is more than 1 month) and no more than 3 teams. Games are held in small stadiums, you can and in other countries. At the same time, you can invite foreign teams from any divisions

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