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got an early version of Sm2021. And its quite an improvement over sm'2020. But I notice one bad improvement!(I won't call it bug here) 

I noticed unlike the sm'2020. I can't play the sm'2021 without putting ON my data(data connection) . Please, make the game available for play offline too so that addicted fans(manager) like us can have access to the game.
Anytime I put on my data to play the game, my phone become extremely hot and that put my phone battery at risk. Please consider this request. 
I'll be extremely grateful if this my request is given the urgent attention it deserves. 
Thanks in anticipation. 
—An addicted Soccer Manager Game. 
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Hi, thanks for the message.

You say you have an early version of the game - we made major improvements to performance in more recent updates, which make the game run better and should reduce the hot phone issue. Update to the latest version, if you can.

SM21 is not available offline because the game requires a constant internet connection for several reasons, including adverts, manager profile, credits and boosts. You can reduce the data used by the game by changing the "show images" option in the Settings menu.

Unfortunately, we had to make some older and less powerful phones incompatible for performance reasons. You need a 64 bit device with at least 2gb RAM. I am not sure what Android version is required, but I recommend you update to the highest version available to you.

If the game is unavailable to you, we highly recommend playing on a newer device. Many thanks!

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