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Realism Issues


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Love the game and admire the effort put in by the devs, but there are some pretty weird things. Pretty sure 1.1.6 has not fixed these yet, but if they do that's cool. AI are not doing loads of things. 


>No substitutions in AI vs AI games. 

>No AI to AI loans. A vast majority of Championship and below teams loan at least 3 players a year IRL. Even some Premier League teams, La Liga teams etc. loan players. But now Chelsea, Benfica, Barcelona etc. have a bunch of promising youngsters stuck in their reserves even if they loan list them. AIs never take them on loan. 

>AI to AI overseas transfers hardcapped at 79 or 80, suggest reducing to somewhere around 65 or 70 because half the Premier League, all the Championship teams, 3/4 of Spain, Italy, Germany top divisions and all of France other than OM and PSG have never signed a player from abroad. Even top top talents like Ansu Fati are receiving offers from Segunda Division but not Serie A or Bundesliga... 

>Player of the Month only given to substitutes for whatever reason. Team of the month works fine though. 

>The AI reputation and finance ratings don't move. Even after Watford and Norwich are promoted back into the Premier League their players who want to play for bigger clubs join Sheffield United and West Brom who just got relegated to the Championship. This is because their reputation doesn't change for whatever reason. Also Cardiff City in my save (season 3, still in the championship) splashed over 20 million pounds to buy 4 players and their finance rating didn't even drop half a bar. I get that the big clubs like PSG, Bayern, Man City etc. are rich but if they spend 50 million or above on a player and sold no one you'd expect a drop in finances or something right? 


Hope the devs can look into this and make some changes. Have a nice day all. 

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