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Frustrating little bugs

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I have been an avid fan since 2015 I think it was. Great game. Superb in fact. Everything worked. I don't know what happened to 2019 and 2020. I must admit, 2021 is a HUGE improvement on 2020. Almost back to how the game was.


However, there are some frustrations: 

When you counter offer to the extent the computer counter offers you, you're lucky to see a £1m increase on the offer. Otherwise they reject it. 


Player morale - I've had a defender extremely unhappy for 2 seasons for not enough game time. He had the most game time and appearances among my 4 defenders and the other 3 were happy. Or you drop someone for a game or two and they want more game time. My favourite is the one when the player is injured and then wants more game time.


I've had players not happy with their wage even though they're earning more than what they wanted. Then, out of the blue, a season later, they're happy? I've even had players accept less than what they're on! 


Why do players stop developing as soon as they hit the bottom of their potential? 21 year olds who stop developing? Why? How? Why spend so much upgrading facilties and paying for extra sessions when you don't feel the benefit? Example - player rated 88-96 will stop developing at 88. They will be white in training as a player at their peak, yet their attributes screen says they're developing.


Why do scouts return the same players? Or you send them to find youth and there is no real talent, then suddenly, Goal NxGen has 50 youth players! But, as with the point above, they then stop developing as soon as they hit the bottom of their potential.


I love the quick game feature. I remember earlier editions of the game and you could simulate the game and it would be over in 2-3 mins. I remember because it was the time between train stops. Now they take forever so I play quick games. You need to let us substitute and change tactics at times other than half time. 


I'm sure I'm not the only one who is playing for the management side and not bothered about the graphics and game play. If the 'key highlights' really were key then maybe the long game could be a viable option. Instead, you sit there for 30 seconds watching the ball slowly passed around midfield then going back to fast play. 


It would be nice if the game could be played offline as it used to be able to be. 


More game slots would be nice. I'm sorry, I'm not paying £15 to have 5. I would like to start a second game with another club and don't want to lose the progress I've made with my current club. 



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I would like to add further bugs:

If you set more than one scout off to work, you only get the results of one scout anyway so having 6 is pointless

The amount of times your player rejects a move because he is too ambitious is ridiculous. We are talking about 17 yeaar olds in my reserve team I have transfer-listed

The training bug mentioned above deserves a second mention because it is truly ridiculous

In addition, the players unhappy with wage is pathetic. I currently have 5 'Unhappy' players for not earning what they deserve - I offered them contracts with what they asked for and it makes no difference. then they don't want to discuss a new contract? How can I have a player ask for 4 pay rises in the space of 3 months? 

Still no golden glove award

Cup history shows Arsenal as current holders in 2020 although the game year is 2028 - league cup has the 2019 holders only probably because no-one had won the 2020 league cup...

A players potential in the youth screen is different to what is on his attributes screen

I have lost out on selling around 10 players because I don't get a message until the email comes through saying I took too long to respond - there was nothing to respond to!


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Some of the issues you’ve mentioned such as the move being auto rejected because you took too long to respond even though you never got a notification have been around since at least last years. Thankfully, I haven’t had some of your more game-breaking bugs but I do agree that the players demands are ridiculous. It makes no sense that I have a player who wants to move to a bigger club but when an offer is made for him by a bigger club, he refuses it because he’s too loyal to my team. It’s also ridiculous that players demand wage and playtime increases constantly.

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Thanks @Jabyrr! Come on guys, fix this stuff - it used to work, why not now?


The pressure from the board can be a little stupid. I remember being 5 points clear at the top at xmas, I lost 2-0 to West Ham who were 3rd and the board told me they were disappointed with the result and things must improve! It's a game - you shouldn't be playing with fear of being randomly sacked!


Please sort the player development feature out though.

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hey, I am on my 12th season of my career and suddenly there is this big where it says the game has encountered an error and doesn't let me continue

I really don't want to lose my progress by uninstalling the game as i have an amazing team full of youth academy or free agent players. Please help me fix the issue as I dont know how to save my progress if I uninstall the game.

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On 11/18/2020 at 4:28 PM, Jabyrr said:

@Mr me @Jabyrr guys you are absolutely right, and game sometimes can be very unrealistic. I played in my last save with FK Partizan, team from Serbia and best player have 68 rating. I qualified for Europa League and i FIRST season i won Europa League without any signings just with my tactics, i mean i won Villareal, Barcelona, Roma, Tottenham and i won Europa League with 68 rated team in FIRST season. And i absolutely agree with you, game is really good but there is so much stupid bugs like transfers. Also after first season you can find om free agent random regens with 99 potential.


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