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I got few problems


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Hi there guys, 
I found few bugs and errors in your game:
- can't scout free players (free agent) 
- free players joins to my team, they price is lower than in free players list
- many times i got a problem with notifications about interest another clubs about my players on transfer and loan list (i wana sell player and i don't got any bids, but after few weeks i have notification about i don't respond another club lol - and in a player window i don't have any overlap about any club bid) 
- after season one of my players wana end his career but he wana be transfered to bigger club, but i can't sell him
- i can only sell my players to other clubs in my league
- players upgrades so slow... :(
- if i build a trening center in higher level, still they add me 5% upgrades
- i can't choose another or new sponsor after season
- my loaned players don't leveling up
- unrealistic match results
- unrealistic/unbalanced matches (how team 50-55 ovr can beat 8-2 75+ ovr - this is so unfair, and this kind unbalanced is so annoying)
- why after qualification to european cups/leagues we don't get any cash?
- why i can't decide with who i wana play friendly matches? 
- unrealistic player match rating after match (they loose 0-4 and they got match rating over 8.0 without keeper) 
- pay to win - this is unfair os soo unbalanced
Please, do something with this. 
Bye, T. 
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